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Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Hairstyles ~the breakdown

22 Oct

Courtesy of RocNation

Willow Smith is 9 years old and already has one of the most popular songs out there. When I heard “Whip My Hair” I immediately fell in love with the beat and began to whip my hair back and forth as the song encourages you to do so.

This anthem was followed up by one of the most unique videos, with fashion that uses primary colors and awesome accents compliment the tone of the track. But more importantly, the hairstyles taht Willow Smith adorns will be one trend that we could possibly see this halloween season.

Hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, as told to Melissa Liebling-Goldberg states that these hairstyles were a collaborative effort between Willow, Jada, Fawn Boardley and herself. “Creating the ‘Heart Hawk’ was a bit of a challenge, but after tons of individual braids and many sticks of glue, I did it,” Marcia explains.

Courtesy of RocNation

The “Cotton Candy Dream” hairstyle [pictured above] was one that she created using hand dyed pieces. “We loved the idea of a soft frothy pallet for this structured silhouette. I graduated the tones from rich and intense at the roots to soft pastels at the ends.” So was all the hard work worth it? Absolutely, according to Marcia, who gushes, “I really enjoyed every step of the creative process and was thrilled to see it all come to life on Willow!”

Check out more photos from the video below courtesy of RocNation: