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Five Steps to a Flawless Smoky Eye

28 Oct

There is nothing more Fab! then the smoky eye. The smoky eye is so Fab! because it is sexy and sultry. The origins of the smoky eye are that of the traditions of many years of women from many countries applying the Kohl make up to their lids in order to enhance their beauty.

There is indeed nothing more sophisticated then a flawless smoky eye. Your smoky eye can be used with the darker black eyeshadows and liners and it can also be ones that add other colors to highlight the lids.

Brittney Wright

Want to know how to do a flawless smoky eye in just a few steps? Want to know how the above look may look on you?

BeautyFab! tried it! our great friend is   is shown here with her smoky eye to demonstrate how the look shown above will look like on women of color.

Here are our five steps to a flawless smoky eye:

Step One: Prep your eye with Concealer. There are two that I would recommend, Make up Forever HD Concealer & MAC Concealer Stick. Make sure that you place concealer on your entire eye up to the brown line, underneath your eye from the lash line to the top of your cheek and to even take it up a notch, place concealer above your eye brow and blend well.

Step Two: Use an eye liner pencil or  Black Liquid liner and line the top and bottom rims of your eye. We suggest a Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil.

Step Three: With a small domed brush, apply your favorite black or dark eyeshadow beginning from the outer corner working your way in towards the inner in tiny circles in order to blend well. Make sure that you are making an almond shape. You can continue this step as many times you want in order to make sure that more pigment is in the outer corner then your inner.  

Then smooth out and soften the liquid line underneath your lid with the excess that is left on your brush. If you would like, you can also use a small flat or angular brush to do this as well.

Step Four: Apply Mascara and/or false lashes. If you have not found a mascara that you love just yet, let me recommend to you my favorite for the moment, Maybelline Falsies Mascara.

Step Five: Clean up around the bottom of your eye, the shadow that may have fallen. Make sure that you blend in your eyeshadow and you may have to touch up the concealer with a neutral powder to highlight your brow bone.

VOILA!  Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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