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It’s Raining Rain Boots!

27 Oct

Hunter Festival Short Wellington Boots ($205)

This crazy weather on the East Coast! Its raining, but its so hot! For this to be October, it surely feels like Spring.

To wear my rainboots or not to wear my rainboots? that is always the question. Well here are some stylish rainboots that you would just wish for a Rainy day just to strut your stuff in!

Not too long ago, on the first really rainy day of the fall, I was invited to attend the UGG Australia Store Grand Opening at the Georgetown location in Washington, DC.

Well I guess because it was raining and cold that night, that it was about that time to go ahead and invest in the first rainboots of the season.

Chris, UGGs Australia in Georgetown

Interestingly enough UGGs Australia has a great new pair out that I just had to have. Good thing my great salesperson, Chris was willing to indulge me in wanting to try them on.

Is it just me? But I wear an 8.5 size shoe, and I swear that my calf muscles are built for size 9.5/10 size shoes, so I find it very difficult to find tall boots that will fit and not bust at the seams over my legs. So this was a great boot because it not only zipped, but it laced up where more room was needed. So for ladies that have the same problem as I do– this boot is for you! So you know if the shoe fits~ BeautyFab! has to HAVE IT!!!! It also comes in this wonderful brown color as well.

UGGs Becloud Boot ($225)

Also, Hunter~ who I just think is the KING of Rainboots partnered up with so many designers to make their version of their classic Wellington Tall Boot. Check out the Gallery for them and so many other designers of all price points. ITS RAINING BOOTS LADIES! Let me know if you have a pair and what your favorites are.

Send us an Email with a pic of your boots and I will feature them on a recap!