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Adriana Lima chosen to adorn the Victoria Secret $2 Million Dollar Bra

22 Oct

Adriana Lima, is a 29 year old Brazilian model who has been chosen to be “the next Heidi Klum” in that she has been the one selected to adorn the Victoria Secrets 2010 $2 million dollar bra.

This bra produced by Victoria Secret took six craftsman to complete with over 1500 hours of work put into it. It is encrusted with over 3,000 jewels. The Italian designerm Damiani, designed this bra to include white diamonds set in 18 karat white gold.

Here she is adorning the bra for a private luncheon, and must be escorted by body guards. As she takes the ranks of “head angel” the bra will be officially unveiled at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on November 30th on CBS.

Adriana has been a model with Victoria Secret since 2000 and was the spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. She is now a supermodel and a mom, after just giving birth to her first child in November of 2009.

Check out more pics below of the bra. If you can not splurge for the $2 million dollar version, you can certainly find the more modest version in the same style. The $2 million dollar bra is fashioned after Victoria Secret’s latest bra, The Miraculous Push-Up Bra, which boasts that it can push up and pad you to 2 full cup sizes larger then your actual size. So if you looking for that little extra, try this one out. I have tried it on in the store, and it is surprising comfortable. However, it will take getting used to seeing them that size, so be warned.

Check out more photos of the Brazilian Model below. Photo Credit: Gossiponthis