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Howard Homecoming: BeautyFab! Edition

29 Oct

Dear BeautyFab! Readers,

This week is Howard Homecoming week and as you may have guessed Howard University is my Alma Mata!

If there is anything that Howard is known for it’s that we are a “Fashion Show” school. The students of Howard University know how to rock the latest trends to class.

SO, I am heading out to Yard Fest, our big Howard Homecoming Celebration, to catch some pics of my fellow Alumni. Check back with us to see what I spotted on the Yard.

Love, BeautyFab!


Trick or Treat? Try these Philosophy Treats

28 Oct

Crispy Marshmallow Bars Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath ($16)

After you have walked your little ones around the neighborhood for their treats, it will be time to unwind. Thought Halloween was just for the children? Well know that there are some treats just for you as well.

Philosophy offers these great products with fun fall scents to get you in the Trick or Treat mood.  he Tis’ the season to try these products on for size.

The Crispy Marshmallow Bars Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath offers a slight scent of warm vanilla. This one will remind you of their s’mores scent without the chocolate.

I Love Candy Corn 3-in-1 ($16)

I Love Candy Corn“~ yes we sure do too! This 3-in-1, Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath has a very strong candy smell that smells just like Candy Corn. Definitely a treat!

Bobbing For Apples 3-pc. ($25)

This Bobbing for Apples bath time set can be a great time with fun scents: Green Apple, Red Apple and my favorite Caramel Apple!

Trick or Treat Set 2-pc. Bath Set ($20)

Trick or Treat? Definitely a Treat. With the crisp scent of apples and the warm scent of pumpkin spice, nothing will get you in the mood better then the combination of this Bath and Shampoo set.

Five Steps to a Flawless Smoky Eye

28 Oct

There is nothing more Fab! then the smoky eye. The smoky eye is so Fab! because it is sexy and sultry. The origins of the smoky eye are that of the traditions of many years of women from many countries applying the Kohl make up to their lids in order to enhance their beauty.

There is indeed nothing more sophisticated then a flawless smoky eye. Your smoky eye can be used with the darker black eyeshadows and liners and it can also be ones that add other colors to highlight the lids.

Brittney Wright

Want to know how to do a flawless smoky eye in just a few steps? Want to know how the above look may look on you?

BeautyFab! tried it! our great friend is   is shown here with her smoky eye to demonstrate how the look shown above will look like on women of color.

Here are our five steps to a flawless smoky eye:

Step One: Prep your eye with Concealer. There are two that I would recommend, Make up Forever HD Concealer & MAC Concealer Stick. Make sure that you place concealer on your entire eye up to the brown line, underneath your eye from the lash line to the top of your cheek and to even take it up a notch, place concealer above your eye brow and blend well.

Step Two: Use an eye liner pencil or  Black Liquid liner and line the top and bottom rims of your eye. We suggest a Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil.

Step Three: With a small domed brush, apply your favorite black or dark eyeshadow beginning from the outer corner working your way in towards the inner in tiny circles in order to blend well. Make sure that you are making an almond shape. You can continue this step as many times you want in order to make sure that more pigment is in the outer corner then your inner.  

Then smooth out and soften the liquid line underneath your lid with the excess that is left on your brush. If you would like, you can also use a small flat or angular brush to do this as well.

Step Four: Apply Mascara and/or false lashes. If you have not found a mascara that you love just yet, let me recommend to you my favorite for the moment, Maybelline Falsies Mascara.

Step Five: Clean up around the bottom of your eye, the shadow that may have fallen. Make sure that you blend in your eyeshadow and you may have to touch up the concealer with a neutral powder to highlight your brow bone.

VOILA!  Try it out and let us know how it goes!

You can use these suggested products or browse through the catalog to order your Fab! favorites!

It’s Raining Rain Boots!

27 Oct

Hunter Festival Short Wellington Boots ($205)

This crazy weather on the East Coast! Its raining, but its so hot! For this to be October, it surely feels like Spring.

To wear my rainboots or not to wear my rainboots? that is always the question. Well here are some stylish rainboots that you would just wish for a Rainy day just to strut your stuff in!

Not too long ago, on the first really rainy day of the fall, I was invited to attend the UGG Australia Store Grand Opening at the Georgetown location in Washington, DC.

Well I guess because it was raining and cold that night, that it was about that time to go ahead and invest in the first rainboots of the season.

Chris, UGGs Australia in Georgetown

Interestingly enough UGGs Australia has a great new pair out that I just had to have. Good thing my great salesperson, Chris was willing to indulge me in wanting to try them on.

Is it just me? But I wear an 8.5 size shoe, and I swear that my calf muscles are built for size 9.5/10 size shoes, so I find it very difficult to find tall boots that will fit and not bust at the seams over my legs. So this was a great boot because it not only zipped, but it laced up where more room was needed. So for ladies that have the same problem as I do– this boot is for you! So you know if the shoe fits~ BeautyFab! has to HAVE IT!!!! It also comes in this wonderful brown color as well.

UGGs Becloud Boot ($225)

Also, Hunter~ who I just think is the KING of Rainboots partnered up with so many designers to make their version of their classic Wellington Tall Boot. Check out the Gallery for them and so many other designers of all price points. ITS RAINING BOOTS LADIES! Let me know if you have a pair and what your favorites are.

Send us an Email with a pic of your boots and I will feature them on a recap!

Metallic Embellished Flats that are Fab!

26 Oct

Tory Burch

We are crazy about Embellished Flats! How could you not be? They are a great fall shoe. You can wear them with both a dress pant to work or with a skirt on a first date.

Shown here is the Tory Burch Amelia crystal embellished flats that we love love love!! Reason being? Metallic flats can be worn with anything and everything. The embellishments are like added accessories!

We’ve selected some of our favorite embellished flats and hope that you enjoy them. Are you crazy about embellished flats too? then tell us about your favorite pair! We would love to hear from you!

Check out the Gallery for more Embellished Flats:

Fab! Splurge or Save? Sephora vs MAC

26 Oct

courtesy of Sephora

Will you Splurge or Save?

Sephora has just added what they call a “baked” eyeshadow trio. I am sure that its called baked to refer to the fact that this trio unlike their other ones in the past will hold up over time. 

With a new formula that boasts that it will give you the perfect smokey eye with a smooth finish, each color in this trio offers a look that has a large amount of a gold shimmer in it.  So, clearly don’t choose this trio if you want a matte look.

Sephora’s baked eyeshadow trios come in six different colorways. The one shown here is Meteor Shower. It may be a bit sheer and really shimmery when you first apply the shadow. But if used wet, each shade is intensified to give you more pigment on the eye; the darker shade can even be used as an eyeliner.

It sounds good, but we can’t help but notice that the Sephora brand is trying to offer a slightly lower costing version of this MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (trio).

Take a look for yourself.  The difference here of course is formula and cost. You get what you pay for. If you want to save a few dollars, go with the Sephora brand ($17). We believe that the Sephora brand will not crack and break as it has been known to do in the past, since it was said they had changed the formula and employees have been raving about that fact. But you could also go with the MAC brand ($19.50). What do you think?

Fab! Painted: Color of the Day

23 Oct

OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape

I thought I would get the help of my puppy, Arista to show you todays BeautyFab! suggested color.

I am wearing on my nails, OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape. Its a cool colored green. It will appear cool on those who have yellow to olive skin tones. With those who have more red in their skin tone, it will pop just like contrasting colors. However, if you want a bit of fun in the fall, try this color today.

Wanna try it on without painting it on, try this fun app on OPI‘s website: and click Try it On!

Fab! Tried It: Celebrity Makeup Breakdown ~ Scarlett Johansson

22 Oct

source unknown

When I saw this picture of Scarlett Johansson at the Mango Fashion Awards, I was curious if I could achieve the same look.

Scarlett’s make up is a simple metallic smoky eye and pale pink lip with no blush and eyeliner to accentuate both the top and the under eye.

Check out my trial and step by step in order to achieve the same look for yourselves~

Things you will need, I just used these:

Black Liquid Liner – MAC Liquid Liner

Smoke Gray Eyeshadow – Maybelline Stylish Smokes (06)

Gold Eyeshadow – MAC Goldmine

Rice colored Eyeshadow – MAC Ricepaper

Eyebrown Pencil – Maybelline Define-A-Line (Black/Brown)

Mascara – Maybelline Falsies Volume Express

Pink Lipstick – Maybelline Totally Toffee 215

Ricepaper eyeshadow goes under your brow and blended down to your lash line. Then carefully apply with a fluffy brush the Goldmine eyeshadow to your lid. Take a thin angled brush and line under your eye half way and within the corner. The Smoke Gray eyeshadow should be applied to the corner of your eyes and blended towards the center of your eye. BLEND BLEND BLEND these all together. Fully line your eye, making sure to get under your lash, the corner of your eyes and under your eye. Apply Mascara to your top and bottom lash then your pink lipstick and voila!

This look does indeed work well on all skin tones. I loved it. Try it out and tell me how you did. What do you think?

Primer Matters Series~ Fab! Tried It: Philosophy “the present: clear makeup”

22 Oct

Philosophy’s The Present: Clear Makeup boasts this on their bottle: “do you crave airbrushed skin do your wrinkles and pores deserve to appear minimized are you searching for a new foundation then we have a present for you.” Of course as I read it I answered an astounding YES!

Being plagued with acne as a teenager and as an adult, there are just some pores that are still open and scars that are still around that I would like to diminish more. I am curious after reading rave reviews of being a smooth and light weight primer, and after it was featured on The Today Show in their “favorite things” segment, what it would do for a person with skin like mines?

So, I ran off to my local favorite beauty supply store to pick this up and giving you the dish on whether or not it lives up to the hype.

the Present: Clear Makeup ($25)

So… what do we think? The smell is that of lavender– pretty pleasant. With just a dime size squirt out of this bottle, it covered my face with a non greasy feeling moisturizer. I applied it with my fingers and there was no residue or sticky feeling. To the touch shortly after, my face felt smooth… so now to apply we apply foundation.





After my first usage of this product, it did assist my foundation in going on smooth, it did minimize the appearance of my pores and I am hoping to see continual results. I will keep you posted.

Until then, BeautyFab! recommends this product. Have you tried this product? Tell me if you will or what you thought.

Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Hairstyles ~the breakdown

22 Oct

Courtesy of RocNation

Willow Smith is 9 years old and already has one of the most popular songs out there. When I heard “Whip My Hair” I immediately fell in love with the beat and began to whip my hair back and forth as the song encourages you to do so.

This anthem was followed up by one of the most unique videos, with fashion that uses primary colors and awesome accents compliment the tone of the track. But more importantly, the hairstyles taht Willow Smith adorns will be one trend that we could possibly see this halloween season.

Hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, as told to Melissa Liebling-Goldberg states that these hairstyles were a collaborative effort between Willow, Jada, Fawn Boardley and herself. “Creating the ‘Heart Hawk’ was a bit of a challenge, but after tons of individual braids and many sticks of glue, I did it,” Marcia explains.

Courtesy of RocNation

The “Cotton Candy Dream” hairstyle [pictured above] was one that she created using hand dyed pieces. “We loved the idea of a soft frothy pallet for this structured silhouette. I graduated the tones from rich and intense at the roots to soft pastels at the ends.” So was all the hard work worth it? Absolutely, according to Marcia, who gushes, “I really enjoyed every step of the creative process and was thrilled to see it all come to life on Willow!”

Check out more photos from the video below courtesy of RocNation: